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By Tommy Panzini

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Our Ceramic Coatings

Durslic Xtreme HG

(Top Notch Recommended)

5 Year Protection!

DuraSlic ExtremeHG

XtremeHG is the latest innovation from the DuraSlic lab. This coating combines DuraSlic’s signature durability and repellency with new SuperSlic technology for a best-of-both-worlds coating. HG adds gloss, depth, and shine like no other coating on the market. Add in elite hydrophobic and oleophobic properties and you have the ultimate in paint protection. XtremeHG is taking the detailing industry by storm

DS 1500 Xtreme

7 Year Protection!

DS 1500 Xtreme

DuraSlic’s DS 1500 Extreme unique hybrid structure and true ceramic coating composition prevent chemical, mechanical and environmental degradation when applied to automotive surfaces, such as paint, glass, headlights, and trim for 7 years plus! So good only certified detailers can use!

Flow X

1 Year Protection!

FlowX Ceramic Top Coat

Formulated with DuraSlic’s SuperSlic technology, FlowX is the ultimate topper to a ceramic coating. FlowX was born from industry feedback- a desire for a coating that left behind a silky smooth finish. Along with the satisfying feel, FlowX also protects against water spots, leaving a more complete finish than ever. Adding FlowX makes any vehicle a breeze to clean up during maintenance wash. Whether it’s used in tandem with DuraSlic Xtreme or as a standalone spray, FlowX is ready to roll.

DuraSlic LeatherCoat Max

DS LeatherCoat Max

DuraSlic LeatherCoat Max is an advanced one-step cleaner/conditioner and protective coating specifically formulated for leather surfaces. LeatherCoat Max cleans, rejuvenates, protects and leaves leather with a deep, luxurious shine. Formulated with a silica-based polymer technology, it renders the surface hydrophobic, so it sheds water, dirt and oil. The coating resists UV, offering protection from the sun’s rays. LeatherCoat Max incorporates an Agion proven anti-bacterial additive*, bringing a new dimension to leather protection.

What can DuraSlic Coating do for you?


Perhaps the biggest of all ceramic coating benefits: being able to shed water off of your surface quick and easy. The elements of the outdoors stand no chance against our world-class coating. Water and other liquids roll right off the surface like magic.


We don’t stop at water. Our ceramic coating goes one step further to repel oil-based liquids. Your vehicle is exposed to all sorts of oils and can quickly turn into a mess. Make the job easier on yourself!

Scratch Resistance

Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing scratches on your car’s paint. Putting on our ceramic coating benefits your paint’s resistance to scratches that can ruin the look. 10H hardness comes standard in our products, so you’re getting the best the market has to offer.

Easy to Clean

With DuraSlic DS 1500 Extreme, cleaning your ride has never been easier. Thanks to our hydrophobic and oleophobic technology, dirt, mud, bugs, and other grime are no match for your paint!

DuraSlic ceramic coatings and ancillary products have been developed in partnership with the world’s leading detailers. Products are thoroughly tested in the laboratory using industry standard test procedures as well as proprietary methods unique to the ceramic coatings market. DuraSlic ceramic coatings are developed and tested to withstand the rigors of real-world conditions. Hardness, adhesion, scrub resistance, hydrophobicity, oleophobicity, roll-off angle, gloss and other important parameters are measured.

Q: How long should I expect my coating to last?

 DS Xtreme can last up to 7 years with proper care and maintenance. Other factors that impact coating lifespan include: garage-kept, environment, original paint condition, etc.

Q: How long does the coating take to bond?

A: 24 hours after initial coating, the surface will be rain-ready but we recommend up to 3 days to allow coating to fully cure.

DS 1200 Hybrid Ceramic Wheel Coating

3-5 Year Protection!

DS 1200 Hybrid Ceramic Wheel Coating

DuraSlic DS 1200 is a revolutionary hybrid ceramic coating based on proven NanoSlic technology. DS 1200 is specifically formulated to give unprecedented protection to automotive and truck wheels, whether painted, coated or base metal. DuraSlic imparts a unique range of beneficial properties. It provides a contact surface that is hydrophobic, oleophobic, UV and chemically resistant. DS 1200 will protect from brake dust, oils, tar and impart a self-cleaning effect. Due to its ultra-high temperature resistance, DS 1200 can be used to protect brake calipers. No other coating offers the level of repellency and toughness of DuraSlic!

DuraSlic Xtreme HG